1. Call to Order: Chairman Kroos
    2. Notice of the “Open Meetings Act Literature” location: Chairperson Kroos
    3. Review/Action: Minutes of the Regular Zoom Meeting – May 12, 2020 (see enclosed-Lavender)
    4. Review/Action: Minutes of the Special Zoom Meeting – June 2, 2020
    5. Review/Action: Expenditures for May 2020 (see enclosed – Yellow)
    6. Review/Action: Treasurer’s Report for May 2020 (see enclosed-Green)
    7. Discuss/Action: Pool 2020 Guidelines/Regulations
    8. Review/Action: Resolution – 175-2020R: COVID-19: Resolution of the Village Board of the Village of Kenesaw Regarding Use of Municipal Property for Sports or Other Recreational Activities.
    9. Review/Action: Pool 2020 Waiver
    10. Discuss/Action: Grant for Broadband Services in Kenesaw – ALLO – Dave Miller/Dwight Wininger
    11. Discuss/Action: Wasenek Days -Tim Schirmer
    12. Discuss: Water Meters Costs on New Subdivision – Jeff Edmonson
    13. Discuss/Action: 109 N Smith Building
    14. Discuss/Action: Utility Shut-Offs
    15. Discuss: Pre-budget Workshop in July/Set date
    16. Discuss: July Meeting Options
    17. Old Business:
      • Update on Nuisance Property: 413 W Poplar St.
      • Lazy K Saddle Club Agreement
    18. Executive Session: Employment
      • Review/Action Recommendation: Pool Applications
    19. Action from Executive Session:
    • Pool Applications
  1. Adjournment: Next Meeting: July 14, 2020 at 8:00 p.m.

The Kenesaw Board of Trustees reserves the right to enter into Executive Session at any time under the regulations of the Open Meetings Act Law. The Kenesaw Board of Trustees will take such action on the above Agenda items as they deem appropriate.

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