1. Call to Order: Chairman Kroos
  2. Notice of the “Open Meetings Act Literature” location: Chairperson Kroos
  3. Review/Approve: Minutes of the Regular Meeting – February 11, 2020 (see enclosed-Lavender)
  4. Review/Approve: Expenditures for February 2020 (see enclosed – Yellow)
  5. Review/Approve: Treasurer’s Report for February 2020 (see enclosed-Green)
  6. Open Public Hearing: Amendment to the Redevelopment Plan (KCDC Development) – 8:00 pm Amendment Review/Recommendation– CRA – Comments/Questions from the Public
  7. Close Public Hearing: Amendment to the Redevelopment Plan
  8. Approve/Deny: Resolution 173-2020R – A Resolution Approving an Amendment of the Redevelopment Plan for the Village of Kenesaw.
  9. Approve/Deny: Resolution 174– 2020R – A Resolution Approving the Form of the Redevelopment Agreement and Authorizing the Community Redevelopment Authority to enter into said Agreement
  10. Review/Discuss: SPD Contract – Sam Reinke
  11. Update/Discuss: Wayne Street Q&A
  12. Review/Approve: Wayne Street Paving Bid Award– Jeff Palik, Olssons
  13. Discuss: Storm Drainage at 710 E Larae – Lawney Knuth
  14. Review/Discuss: Smith Street Speed Concerns
  15. Open Public Hearing: 1 & 6 Year 2020 Plan for Streets – 8:30 pm
    1&6 Year review – Jeff Palik, Olssons
    Comments/Questions from the Public
  16. Approve/Deny: Resolution 172-2020R – 1&6 Year 2020 Plan for Streets
  17. Review/Discuss: Annual Audit Review – Kyle Overturf
  18. Old Business:
    Review/Discuss/Recommend Action: Nuisance Properties– Health & Sanitation Committee
    413 W Poplar St. –
    606 N 5th Ave.-
    Floodplain Administrator
  19. Adjournment: Next Meeting: April 14, 2020 at 8:00 p.m.

The Kenesaw Board of Trustees reserves the right to enter in to Executive Session at any time under the regulations of the Open Meetings Act Law. The Kenesaw Board of Trustees will take such action on the above Agenda items as they deem appropriate.

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