July 11, 2017 AT 7:30 P.M.


The Village of Kenesaw Board of Trustees held a regular board meeting on July 11, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. in the Community Room of the Kenesaw Village Office, as was advertised.  Board Members present: Ronda Ehly, Sarah Kroos, Teresa Uden, and JR Pulver.  Members absent: None.  Also present: Travis Sidders, Jason and Jackie Wagoner, Orville Wiese, Al Nixon, Harry Brumbraugh, Jeff Palik-Olsson Associates, Brandon VanderMey- McGuire Iron, Rene Colon. Clerk: Cindy Kiefer, Maintenance: Jeff Edmondson


  • Call to Order: Chairman Kroos called the meeting to order at 7:33 p.m.
  • Location of the OMAL: Chairman Kroos gave notice of the location of the Open Meetings Act Literature to be on the south wall of the meeting room.
  • Review/Approve Minutes of the Regular Meeting June 13, 2017: Moved by Trustee Ehly, second by Trustee Uden to approve the minutes of the June 13, 2017 as distributed.  Roll call: Trustee Pulver-Yea, Trustee Ehly-Yea, Trustee Kroos-yea,  and Trustee Uden-yea. No opposed. Motion carried.
  • Review/Approve Expenditures of June 2017: Moved by Trustee Pulver, second by Trustee Ehly to approve the June 2017 Expenditures as presented.  Roll call: Trustee Pulver-yea, Trustee Ehly-Yea, Trustee Kroos-yea, and Trustee Uden-yea. No opposed. Motion carried.
  • Review/Approve Treasurer’s Report for June 2017: Moved by Trustee Ehly, second by Trustee Pulver to approve the June 2017 Treasurer’s Report as presented. Roll call: Trustee Pulver-Yea, Trustee Ehly-yea, Trustee Kroos-yea, and Trustee Uden-yea. No opposed. Motion carried.
  • Comments from the Public:
  •         Al Nixon presented:
    • Thank you to City Council for suppling the dumpsters for community clean-up.
    • Question about cardboard recycling – can it be emptied more often because it is often overflowing– discussion was made that Woodward Disposal provides the recycling as a service that the Village does not pay for.  Superintendent Edmondson stated that he has requested Woodward to pick up more often, but that it does not necessarily happen.  Edmonson stated that Woodward’s has told him to tell people that they can just throw cardboard in the other non-cardboard recycle bins if the cardboard bin is overflowing.  Edmondson will contact Woodward again with the community concern.
    1. Citizen Concern —  510 N Smith Ave, Kenesaw – Constant Barking Dog Nuisance.   Sidewalk on property needs repaired – is dangerous to try to walk on.
    2. Citizen Concern – 403 N Perkins – Residents have above ground pool on property and do not keep gate to fencing closed for safety.
    3. Citizen Concern – 506 Perkins – Unlicensed Vehicles.  Al also states that there are many non-moving unlicensed vehicles in town and that residents need to be made aware that they are breaking the Village Ordinance.
    1. Harry Brumbaugh – Inquired on if there were still any free village lots available.  The board referred him to Neel Keiser and Kenesaw Community Development Committee.Discuss/Review: Application for Board of Trustee Position – Rene Colon –  Mr. Colon presented to the board his application for review and consideration, as well as provided a brief background history of himself to the board.  No questions were asked by the board at this time.  Application discussion took place in executive session.


  • Discuss:  Kenesaw Youth Sports Organization – Jason Wagoner/Travis Sidders  The board stated that it is much needed in our community.  The board voiced their concerns with how things are currently being ran.  The board noted that they pay for all the upkeep on the field but that the Village does not currently receive any of the gate fee proceeds and does not have much say on how things are ran. The board feels that needs to be changed.    Because the field is Village property, all changes to the field need to be ran through the board prior.  The board requested that Jason and Travis bring back a written business/organization plan to present to the board when they have their details worked out.  The board stated they like the idea of having an oversite committee for the youth sports.  It was suggested by the board that this organization should look at becoming a charter.The board stated that they would need to see their charter plans and organization before they could consider funds, but stated that they feel that this is a needed organization for the youth sports and thanked both Jason and Travis for being willing to step up and work at putting something together.


    1. Jason and Travis stated that they are planning on having a community wide meeting with all parents and those involved in the youth sports, to further discuss and plan the set-up of this club.  The board was invited to attend this community meeting.  Jason and Travis will notify the board once the meeting is scheduled.  They noted to the board that they would need start-up funds for this project, and asked if the board would be willing to participate in that.
    2. Jason and Travis presented that they would like to make a community sports club organization that would work together with all the different community youth sports teams.  The purpose for this club is to provide organization and stability to the community sports operations.  All teams could be members of the club.  All gear for each different sport would be held by the club so that it can be reused from one year to the next rather than having to have parent buy new equipment each year for that team.  All team fees would be paid to the club and would be used to keep the equipment maintained and update.  All equipment would be checked out much like midget football runs things.     Travis and Jason stated they are looking into what it would take to become a nonprofit organization.  They stated that their plan is for the club to have bylaws and an active board for accountability.  They have more details to work out on the complete structure of the club, but wanted to know if the Village would even be interested in supporting such a club being formed for this community.
    3. Discuss/Review:  Water Tower Maintenance –  Brandon VanderMey/McGuire Iron, Sioux Falls, SD –
    4. Brandon presented to the board the information from the inspection he had just completed on the village water tower.   Exterior needs painted before too long – possibly 2018. Last painted in 2006.  Interior has approx. 5 years left prior to need for maintenance. – last painted in 2009.  Brandon provided pictures to the board on the current condition of both the inside and outside of the water tower, noting where there is some corrosion that is taking place on the stem/column and on the tank bowl, as well as the beginning of some rusting.  Interior column looks good, no issues; some corrosion on the belly of the tank on the interior.  The inside of the interior looks good.  Not much sediment.  Interior wet area – 15 year life average;   Coating for the exterior is 10-12 year range average.  Need to paint the outside of the tank.  We currently hold a maintenance contract with McGuire Iron for 3 year clean out and inspection.  McGuire now has a full service program available which includes: inspections and all maintainable items on the tank.  Brandon will supply a proposal for the exterior painting due in 2018 for us to provide for the 2018 budget discussions. He will also provide a written proposal on the full service plan by the August 2017 board meeting.
  • Discuss/Approve:  Citizen Concerns:
  • Speed/Street sign on Holstein and W 42nd St. at Intersection –  Diane Parker and Orville Wiese have provided a  request to Adams County Roads for the possibility of a 4 way stop at this intersection, as well as a reduce speed sign coming into town.  Dawn Miller of Adams County has provided, in response to this request, a letter to the County Sheriff’s department notifying them of the concern, as well as requesting the Kenesaw Village Board to review the request. The County has also stated they will be doing a street speed and usage test at that intersection to help provide further information in this matter.  Orville Wiese gave testimony at the board meeting of the danger at that intersection.  He stated that cars are moving at very high rates of speed through the intersection even though the speed signs are reduced to 25 miles per hour.  Additional testimony was provided by Jason and Jackie Wagoner with regard to their concerns as well, stating that there is regularly a car that runs the current stop sign at a high rate of speed early each morning.  After hearing the testimony and discussion the board would like to have the sheriff’s office contacted from the Village, requesting them to do specific patrol of that area, as well as increase the sheriff’s overall patrol of Kenesaw.   It was discussed that the overall vehicle speed in town has increased, especially on Smith Ave., and the board feels there needs to be a greater presences of the County Sheriff’s in town as per our interlocal agreement with Adams County Sheriff’s Department.  Motion was made by Trustee Ehly and seconded by Trustee Pulver, to have the village place a “Reduced Speed Ahead” sign on 42nd Street coming into town, and to make recommendation to Adams County Roads that a 4 way stop be placed at the intersection of  42nd and Holstein, Kenesaw, NE. Roll call: Trustee Pulver-Yea, Trustee Ehly-yea, Trustee Kroos-yea, and Trustee Uden-yea. No opposed. Motion carried.
  • Alley Behind the Senior Apartments – Request has been submitted for the ends of the alley need the pot holes fixed.  Superintendent Edmondson stated that he would work on getting the alley fixed as best as possible.
  • (Agenda #17)Review/Approve:  Olsson Associates Change Order #3 (final) – Water Meter Installation Project –Jeff Palik presented the final change order #3 for Van Kirk Bros. Contracting. –  This change order will be a decrease of $6, 025.75.  Motion made by trustee Ehly and seconded by trustee Pulver to approve Change Order #3- final on the Water Meter Installation Project with Van Kirk Bro. . Roll call: Trustee Pulver-Yea, Trustee Ehly-yea, Trustee Kroos-yea, and Trustee Uden-yea. No opposed. Motion carried.
  • (Agenda #18Review/Approve:  Olsson Associates –Certificate of Payment # 3 for Van Kirk Bros.  –Jeff Palik presented Certificate of Payment #3 of the water meter project for Van Kirk Bro. construction in the amount of $94,931.17.  Jeff presented that this will be the final contractors payment and will include the retainage that has been being held.  Motion made by Trustee Pulver and seconded by Trustee Ehly to Approve as presented, Certificate of Payment # 3 for project # 015-3089 in the amount $94,931.17, to Van Kirk Bros. Contracting as final payment of the water meter installation project. Roll call: Trustee Pulver-Yea, Trustee Ehly-yea, Trustee Kroos-yea, and Trustee Uden-yea. No opposed. Motion carried
  • (Agenda # 19)Discuss:  Street Paving Option – Jeff Palik, Olsson Associates


    1. Jeff presented to the board discussion regarding the current conditions of the streets in Kenesaw.  It was discussed that currently the yearly budget is set to include $50,000 worth of an armor coat  process to part of the streets each year.  Discussion was made that perhaps the money may be better used in doing overlay projects in the town, a few blocks at a time.  There was also discussion of using part of the $50,000 for overlay, and retaining part of it to do some armor coat work.   After much discussion, it was decided that Jeff Palik and Jeff Edmondson would take a look at the streets and bring back a report and proposal to the board.  They will provide a recommendation on where they would start an ongoing overlay project, how it would follow through, and the costs involved.
  •  (Agenda #11)American Fence Bid –  Jeff Edmondson presented a bid for fencing fabric to replace the fabric on the bottom section of the center backstop, as well as the north wing of the backstop and north foul line, includes removal of existing. Backstop fabric to have all steel ties. Motion made by Trustee Pulver and seconded by Trustee Uden to approve the American FencedBid as presented in the amount of $4,760.00    Roll call: Trustee Pulver-Yea, Trustee Ehly-yea, Trustee Kroos-yea,  and Trustee Uden-yea. No opposed. Motion carried.
  • (Agenda # 12) Discuss/Approve: Letter of Engagement with Veritas Professional Group 2017/2018 fiscal year – This Item was tabled at the June, 2017 meeting awaiting further information from Veritas Group – Clerk Kiefer presented that he had had conversation with Dennis Kruse, Accountant, as well as Laura Dill at Veritas regarding the request of the board to have biannual financial reviews.  Clerk Kiefer stated that after a conversation with Dennis explaining to him what the board was asking for, he informed her that to have Veritas Group take a look at our financial statement biannually or to answer periodic questions for us regarding our financial books, would be included in the budgeting services.  He stated that if we wanted any deeper service throughout the year, that it would need to be requested and a price agreed upon.  Motion made by Trustee Ehly and seconded by Trustee Pulver to accept the Letter of Engagement for the Budget Preparation for fiscal year ending 9/30/2018. .    Roll call: Trustee Pulver-Yea, Trustee Ehly-yea, Trustee Kroos-yea,  and Trustee Uden-yea. No opposed. Motion carried
  • (Agenda # 13)Discuss:  Year End Audit Services –   Clerk Kiefer presented that as of Monday July 10th, 2017,  Dana Cole company still did not have our 2016/2017 Audit completed.  She stated that she was provided information from Dana Cole Company that the audit was scheduled to be done mid-July.  Clerk Kiefer discussed that in communication with other villages and downs regarding auditing services, it was presented that many of the towns that use Dana Cole for their annual audit, do not have their audits filed with the state timely.   Clerk Kiefer clarified that the lack of filing the audit on time with the state, holds up our funds we received from the State of Nebraska. It was then discussed by the board on if we should inquire into other auditing companies and asked of Clerk Kiefer to do some more research on this subject.
  • (Agenda #14)Review/Approve:  Guardian Angels Life Services (GALS)Lease Renewal –  The Board members discussed the current lease agreement in place with GALS.  It was discussed and noted that the designated smoking area is to the west of the building, yet the GALS employees use the North side of the building.  It was also noted that cigarette butts have been being put in the trash cans, which is a fire hazard.  It was also noted that cigarette butts have been put in the flower pots.   It was also discussed about the carpet cleaning.  Clerk Kiefer presented that she had been told by the owner of GALS that the carpets were going to be cleaned.  The board asked Clerk Kiefer to get documentation of the cleaning as per the current lease agreement.  It was discussed to remind the Lessee that employee parking was not to take up the customer parking spaces in front of the office building.  Motion made by Trustee Ehly and seconded by Trustee Uden to renew the 2017-2018 Lease with GALS with the following amendment:  Lessee will provide a commercial cigarette/ash reciprocal to be placed in the designated smoking are.  Roll call: Trustee Pulver-Yea, Trustee Ehly-yea, Trustee Kroos-yea, , and Trustee Uden-yea. No opposed. Motion carried
  • (Agenda #15) Approve: Allowing Midget Football to Use Baseball Field for Practice.
  • Motion Made by Trustee Ehly seconded by Trustee Uden to approve Midget Football to use baseball field for practice, with proof of insurance. Roll call: Trustee Pulver-Yea, Trustee Ehly-yea, Trustee Kroos-yea,  and Trustee Uden-yea. No opposed. Motion carried.
  • (Agenda #16) Review/Approve:  Office Computer Bids –  Clerk Kiefer presented two bids for new computer towers, networking, screens and updated Microsoft Office software.  After review of bids and discussion of technical support Motion was made by Trustee Ehly and seconded by Trustee Uden to accept the bid from CSS Inc. -Client Solutions & Systems.  for the purchase of two towers with the recommended up grades and upgraded memory, as well as monitors, and Microsoft Office software to include MS Publisher, not to exceed a total purchase and installation price of $3,000.00.  Roll call: Trustee Pulver-Yea, Trustee Ehly-yea, Trustee Kroos-yea, and Trustee Uden-yea. No opposed. Motion carried
  • (Agenda # 20)Review/Approve:  Job Descriptions for Part-Time Positions for Clerk and Treasurer Review of division of duties between the clerk and treasurer positions –  Motion made by Trustee Ehly and seconded by Trustee Uden to accept the job descriptions as presented for  the clerk and treasurer positions. Roll call: Trustee Pulver-Yea, Trustee Ehly-yea, Trustee Kroos-yea, and Trustee Uden-yea. No opposed. Motion carried
  • (Agenda # 21)Review/Approve:  Village Job Titles and Salaries for Publication-


    1. Clerk Kiefer presented to the board all of the job titles and wages for each title including board positions and KVFD Stipends.  Motion made by Trustee Ehly seconded by Trustee Uden to Publish as presented excluding Kenesaw Volunteer Fire Dept. Stipends. Roll call: Trustee Pulver-Yea, Trustee Ehly-yea, Trustee Kroos-yea, and Trustee Uden-yea. No opposed. Motion carried
    2. (Agenda # 22)Discuss:  Customer Parking Signage –
    3. Superintendent Edmondson discussed with the board the possible need to identify set parking spots in front of the Village Office specifically as customer and/or 15 min parking.  There has been an increased struggle with other business employee’s or residents using customer parking spots for all day parking.  After discussion it was decided to designate 3 parking spots in front of the Village office for 15 min parking.  Superintendent Edmondson can choose to put up signs or paint the curb according to his choice.
    4. (Agenda #23)DiscussClerk Bond Yearly Charge-
    5. Clerk Kiefer provided to the board that the clerk bond would increase by $71 per year in due to split in clerk / treasurer duties due to two people now being bonded.
  • (Agenda #24) Discuss/ Review/Approve Action:  Water Leak at 605 N Forbes Ave –  Superintendent Edmondson discussed the concerns of the extreme water leak noted at this location.  Superintendent Edmondson and Clerk Kiefer both presented that they have verbally spoke with the residents multiple times about needing to get the leak fixed.  As well, Clerk Kiefer presented that a certified letter about the leak and the 90 day time to fix the leak was sent and notice received. Clerk Kiefer noted that the residents are at the end of their 90 period to fix their water leak, and the leak is still not fixed.  Superintendent Edmondson noted that he does not want this issue to become a health threat of any kind.  After much discussion, the board requested Clerk Kiefer to forward to the resident via certified mail, a letter providing 10 days’ notice to have leak fixed or water service will be turned off.


    1. (Agenda #25) Adjourn to Executive Session For Review of Employment Applications for Clerk Position 10:45 pm: Motion Made by Chairman Kroos, seconded by Trustee Ehly. Roll call: Trustee Pulver-Yea, Trustee Ehly-yea, Trustee Kroos-yea, and Trustee Uden-yea. No opposed. Motion carried
  • Adjourn from Executive Session 11:12 PM
  • Employment Applications: Board reviewed 5 applications for the part-time clerk position and selected candidates for interview by the interviewing committee.
  • Approve Board of Trustee: Motion made by Trustee Ehly and Seconded by Trustee Pulver to accept Board of Trustee Application by appointment of Rene Colon, Kenesaw, NE to the Board of Trustees. Roll call: Trustee Pulver-Yea, Trustee Ehly-yea, Trustee Kroos-yea, and Trustee Uden-yea. No opposed. Motion carried


  1. Adjournment of Regular Meeting: Motion by Trustee Ehly second by Trustee Uden at 11:34.m. No opposed. Motion carried.  Next meeting is scheduled for August 8, 2017 at 7:30 p.m.











I, Cindy Kiefer, Clerk for the Village of Kenesaw, hereby certify that the preceding minutes are a true and correct copy of the proceedings had and done by the Chairman and the Board of Trustees of the Village of Kenesaw on July 11, 2017. These minutes were posted in three public locations in the Village of Kenesaw and the shortened version was published in the Hastings Tribune.