Spring is fast approaching and that means it’s almost time for Clerk School!

Clerk School is a program offered by the Nebraska Municipal Clerk Institute, a division of the University of Nebraska-Omaha. The job of a Municipal Clerk entails a wide variety of responsibilities, especially in a community the size of ours. In larger communities the duties are split between multiple people but for many villages there are only a few. In our case…it’s all on me! Along with the information I gain from the classes and seminars, Clerk School gives me the opportunity to make connections with so many other clerks from all over Nebraska. Those connections are extremely useful when I’m on the quest to find answers to questions from Trustees or residents, or to help resolve issues. The odds are high that some other community has faced a similar concern and most everyone is wonderful about sharing what worked for their community.

I will be out of the office during the week of March 23-27, 2015 to gather information and garner more training. I won’t be able to attend every class during the week (I do have work to do too!) but I will be going to most of them. I will be checking messages and returning calls during breaks so please do leave messages on my voicemail. I will also be coming into the office in the evenings in an effort to make sure I’m staying on top of things.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.