The Village of Kenesaw, Nebraska (“Village”) has undertaken a plan of
redevelopment within the community pursuant to the adoption of the General
Redevelopment Plan for the Village of Kenesaw prepared by Five Rule Rural
Planning, LLC dated January, 2020 (the “Redevelopment Plan”). The Redevelopment
Plan was approved by the Village Board of Kenesaw, Nebraska on February 11,
2020. The Redevelopment Plan serves as a guide for the implementation of
redevelopment activities within Redevelopment Area #2 as defined in the
Redevelopment Plan (the “Redevelopment Area”). Pursuant to the Nebraska
Community Development Law codified at Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 18-2101 through 18-
2154 (the “Act”), the Village created the Community Redevelopment Authority of the
Village of Kenesaw, Nebraska (“CRA”), which has administered the Redevelopment
Plan for the Village.

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