November 8, 2016 AT 7:30 P.M.


The Village of Kenesaw Board of Trustees held a regular board meeting on November 8, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. in the Community Room of the Kenesaw Village Office, as was advertised.  Board Members present: Sarah Kroos, JR Pulver, Dale Long, and Ronda Ehly. (One Vacant board seat) Absent:  None.  Also present:  Gaylan Lambrecht, Dennis and Regina Linn, and Henry Wilson.  Clerk: Cindy Kiefer.  Maintenance:  Jeff Edmondson


  • Call to Order: Chairman Kroos called the meeting to order at 7:38 p.m.
  • Location of the OMAL: Chairman Kroos gave notice of the location of the Open Meetings Act Literature to be on the north wall of the room.
  • Review/Approve Minutes of the Regular Meeting October 11, 2016: Moved by Trustee Pulver, second by Trustee Long to approve the minutes of the October 11, 2016 meeting. Roll call: Trustee Pulver-yea, Trustee Ehly-abstain, Trustee Kroos-yea, Trustee Long-yea. No opposed. Motion carried.
  • Review/Approve Expenditures of October 2016: Moved by Trustee Ehly, second by Trustee Pulver to approve the October 2016 Expenditures as presented.  Roll call: Trustee Pulver-yea, Trustee Ehly-yea, Trustee Kroos-yea, Trustee Long-yea, Trustee.  No opposed. Motion carried.
  • Review/Approve Treasurer’s Report for October 2016: Moved by Trustee Ehly, second by Trustee Long to approve the October 2016 Treasurer’s Report as presented. Roll call: Trustee Pulver-yea, Trustee Ehly-yea, Trustee Kroos-yea, Trustee Long-yea.  No opposed. Motion carried.
  • Comments from the Public:  Gaylan Lambrecht presented his signed Warrantee of Deed  for the property located at 106 N Perkins, Kenesaw, NE, however stated that he was not willing to turn over the deed to the Village or the Village attorney until there has been a title search completed.  He stated he was not willing to pay for the search.  He informed the board that there are taxes owing on the property.  He indicated that he did not know the amount owing.  He was concerned that if there were liens against the property that he was unaware of he did not want to be liable for those.  The board discussed with him that if there are currently any liens or assessments against the property, that he would be liable, and they would have to be resolved before the Village would accept the deed to the property as he had requested the Village to do in lieu of the lien that will be assessed by the Village for the cost of demolition and cleanup of the of the above mentioned property.


    1. Moved by Trustee Ehly, Seconded by Trustee Pulver to obtain a title search on the Lambrecht Property located at 106 N Perkins, Kenesaw, NE.   Roll call: Trustee Pulver-yea, Trustee Ehly-yea, Trustee Kroos-yea, Trustee Long-yea.  No opposed. Motion carried
  • Review/Approve: Linn Subdivision – Dennis Linn, 800 Brentwood Drive, Pella, IA was present to present a request to subdivide 5.35 acres off their 160 acre parcel – the SW ¼ Section 28-T8N-R12W.  This portion is the home dwelling sight on the property.  Adams County Planning and Zoning pasted the vote on Nov. 7, 2016, to recommend approval of Case 16-11.1 Linn Subdivision to the Village of Kenesaw.  Linn stated that they do currently have interested buyers for the property.  Moved by Trustee Pulver, and Seconded by Trustee Long, to approve the Linn Subdivision as recommended by Adams County Planning and Zoning.   Roll call: Trustee Pulver-yea, Trustee Ehly-yea, Trustee Kroos-yea, Trustee Long-yea.  No opposed. Motion carried
  • Review: Black Hills Energy has now bought out SourceGas as our provider in Kenesaw. Effective 11/1/2016.
  • Review:  Nebraska Rural Water Association Letter.  Discussion to draft a letter to the governor stating the support of keeping the water management with DHHS and not be moved to the DEQ.  All board members want to sign letter before being sent.
  • Review/Discuss: Charter/Spectrum Business Internet/Phone Service Proposal – Presented by Clerk Kiefer that we are gathering information from different service providers to look at both prices but also, speed and security of data systems in moving forward with the preparation of opening our utility billing accounts receivables available for ACH payments from any banking institution.  Clerk Kiefer asked that the discussion be tabled, as one of the providers was not able to provide the requested information at this time. – Tabled
  • Update: Water Meter Project – Superintendent Jeff Edmondson gave update that things are moving along.  Working through some issues.  Biggest issue at this time is that many of the meters that had originally been planned as a ¾ in. meter are actually turning out to need 1 in. meters.  Thus there will be a change in estimated costs.  At this point Edmondson reports that they are trying to encourage residents to have inside meter if possible for their location, this will then be able to use the ¾ inch meters.   They are hopeful that it will help equal things out.  Edmondson reports that there will be a change order presented by Olsson’s once sorted out.  There will also be a change order on the meter size/cost at Haven Homes – The meters were not the size that had been thought they would be, and there is the possibility of up to a $3,000.00 increase for the meter size change.  These are preliminary numbers at this point.   Edmondson also reported that they have come across a few homes where there are multiple lines feeding the house/yard – these will require a meter on each line.  They have also come across locations where property owners have tapped illegally into the city water lines.  Services for such lines now need to be set up in the Village system for billing.  Edmondson reports that the contractors are about 80% done with the outside meter installs.
  • Update: Smith Street Asphalt Overlay Project – Trustee Pulver gave report of the meeting between himself, Gary from JIL Asphalt, Jeff Palik of Olsson’s Assoc., and Jeff Edmondson that took place on Tuesday Nov. 8th, 2016 at the work site.  Trustee Pulver reports that JIL agreed that the Overlay on Smith Street did not meet the bid standards.  Palik provided some options for correcting the condition of the road.  JIL would like to the opportunity to fix the existing job that their company provided. By contract the Village must allow contracting company the opportunity to correct any of the issues.  The current suggested fix would be to mill off approx.½ in. on the bumps, now, before winter, and then in the spring, JIL would reoverlay 1 in.  Discussion that payment for any services rendered would be held at this time, and will wait for the final numbers and recommendation to come in from Jeff Palik before making final decision.  The question was asked if there was a risk of leaving the milled surface over the winter.  Pulver reported that according to Palik – The road will weather fine through the winter with just the milled surface, and is actually a better option than leaving the bumps over the winter which could cause breakage from heave loaded trucks.  It was also reported that there may be a number of discounts that should be coming due to use of materials that were not up to bid specifications
  • Update: Dana F Cole – 2016 Fiscal Year Audit – Scheduled for Nov. 22 & 23, 2016


    1. Discuss: Life Insurance Policy Options –Clerk Kiefer presented that Life insurance in now currently available for both full time employees and board members in addition to the Fire/EMT staff at KVRD at an approx. cost of $6.60 mn/ $79.20 yr per person for a $20,000 life insurance policy.
    2. Vote Recommendation From Executive Session-(held at the end of the regular board meeting)  Voted – to provide the $20,000 Group Term Life insurance policies to permanent full time employees paid for by the  Village; and to offer to the board members the option to enroll in the Group Term Life insurance policy at their own cost.
  • Approve: Demo/Asbestos Bids on 106 N Perkins, Kenesaw, NEDemolition Bid:  Motion made by Trustee Pulver, Seconded by Trustee Long to accept the bid from Consolidated Concrete in Hastings in the amount of $7,500 for the demolition/clean-up of 106 N Perkins, Kenesaw, NE. Roll call: Trustee Pulver-yea, Trustee Ehly-yea, Trustee Kroos-yea, Trustee Long-yea.  No opposed. Motion carried


    1. Asbestos Bid: Motion made by Trustee Pulver, Seconded by Trustee Long to Approve and Accept the Asbestos removal bid from GPAC dated 10/4/2016 in the amount of $1,300.00 for asbestos removal at 106 N Perkins, Kenesaw, NE.  Roll call: Trustee Pulver-yea, Trustee Ehly-yea, Trustee Kroos-yea, Trustee Long-yea.  No opposed. Motion carried
    2. Review/Discuss: Fine Schedule Options for Breaking Ordinances – Clerk Kiefer presented information from Attorney Lieske which would provide the ability to make immediate penalty assessments for breaking minor Village ordinances. Lieske Provided the example of:  $100 fine plus $50 court fee which could be paid in lieu of a court appearance- much like what happens with a speeding ticket. And then fines to increase with each warning, up to the $500.00 max allowed by state statute.   Should offenders choose to appear in court in lieu of paying the fine, then the attorney would be involved with said case. Discussion was made that at this time most of the nuisance ordinances currently must be prosecuted and convicted before any penalties can be assessed.  The board discussed the option of adding the language to the ordinances, starting with those dealing specifically with dogs.  Motion- made by Trustee Ehly and Seconded by Trustee Long approving Clerk Kiefer to work with Attorney Lieske on the formal language to be added to penalty section of our nuisance ordinances, with the fines and notification as follows:  First offense – Warning letter which outlines ordinance and fines for additional offenses; Second Offense – $100 fine plus court fee; 3rd Offense – $200 + court fee; 4th Offense – $500 + court fee.   Roll call: Trustee Pulver-yea, Trustee Ehly-yea, Trustee Kroos-yea, Trustee Long-yea.  No opposed. Motion carried.
    3. Board requested that the discussion of vicious dogs be placed on the agenda for the next regular meeting.
  • Review/Discuss: Concerned Citizen Action Requests – Property Location: 105 4th Street, Kenesaw.  Clerk Kiefer presented an anonyms citizen concern regarding the condition of the property noted above.  Citizen had provided pictures which were shown to the board.


    1. Discussion about the fact that we have a number of properties around town that are close if not just as bad as this one noted.  Motion made by Trustee Ehly, Seconded by Trustee Long to send a warning letter sighting the Village ordinance by certified letter to the residents of the 105 4th St. Kenesaw, requesting immediate attention and cleanup of the property. Roll call: Trustee Pulver-yea, Trustee Ehly-yea, Trustee Kroos-yea, Trustee Long-yea.  No opposed. Motion carried.
  • Discuss: Community Clean up – Clerk Kiefer presented information to the board regarding community cleanup forums that would be available for board members/committee to attend.  Discussion of overall community cleanup to help raise the property values, especially with the flood plain mapping bringing the property values down.  Discussion of getting church groups/ school groups/scout groups etc. to help people who have need of some help to get things. Discussion of bringing in large dumpsters twice in the year – spring/fall.  Chairman Kroos will talk with community development to get some ideas on how to get moving on such a product.  Discussion of creating a community taskforce committee.
  • Discuss:  Village Office Space/Furniture – Chairman Kroos presented a request board to clean up the old furniture and fixtures in the office space.  The board discussed that they/the office do not have use for the additional furniture.  Motion made by Trustee Pulver, Second by Trustee Ehly to have all unused furniture and fixtures put up for sealed bid.  Post notice around town, but do not spend the money post in the paper.  Winner of bid is responsible for removal. Permission given for general office cleanup. Roll call: Trustee Pulver-yea, Trustee Ehly-yea, Trustee Kroos-yea, Trustee Long-yea.  No opposed. Motion carried
  • Unfinished Business: b – Flood Plain Review –tabled for work session rescheduled for January 25, 2016. –PTO Accrual Rate – split by years of service –  (see updated hand book for new rate scale)– Max PTO Accrual 300/350 hrs (see handbook for break down)–All Sick Leave, Vacation days, and approved personal day will be paid out of PTO–Overtime paid for over 40 hrs per week–Retirement –Employer pay 5% (though Lord Abbott)e – Old/New Fire Truck – Trustee Pulver presented estimated costs to outfit the new fire truck which we purchased from Gerings Nebraska Fire Department.  Presently the estimates come in around $41,220.00 – So below the $45,000 budget amount.  We are scheduled to get the new fire truck from Gerings around 2/18/2016.   Trustee Pulver discussed the selling of our old truck –discussed publishing a notice for sealed bids.  Pulver will provide to the clerk with all the truck specs so that an ad for sealed bids can be created and published.


    1. d – Snow Plow Truck—Jeff Edmondson has previously been looking for a snowplow truck and presented a new bid for a 1999 International 4700 for $15,450.00.  Trustee Pulver discussed that he felt that by the information provided it looked like a good purchase for the streets department.  Jeff Edmondson requested to go and look at the truck.  Motion made by Trustee Pulver and Seconded by Trustee Long to have Jeff inspect the 1999 International plow truck  from O’Halloran International, Inc. as presented and to purchase said truck for a price not to exceed $15,450.00 if he deems it is worth that price.   As well, to hire Pavelka’s to transport the purchased truck and plow to Kenesaw for a price of no more than $500.00.
    2. –6 Paid Holidays – 8 hrs each – Does not come out of PTO pay. (See hand book for days)
    3. –New Employee- Performance review at 6 months -0-3% pay increase based on job       performance.
    4. –Life Insurance -$20,00 Policy provided for full time employees
    5. –No changes to currently accrued PTO hours
    6. c – Employee BenefitsDiscussed in Executive Session – Recommendation from Executive Session to update the Employee Handbook under Employee Benefits with the following changes:
    7. a – Chicken/Animal Ordinances –tabled for work session rescheduled for January 25, 2016.
  • Adjournment: Motion by Chairman Kroos to adjourn the regular meeting at 9:49 p.m. and move in to Executive session to discuss employee benefits. No opposed. Motion carried. Adjourn Executive Session at 10:25 pm.  Next meeting is scheduled for December 13, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. at the Village of Kenesaw Community Room.
















I, Cindy Kiefer, Clerk for the Village of Kenesaw, hereby certify that the preceding minutes are a true and correct copy of the proceedings had and done by the Chairman and the Board of Trustees of the Village of Kenesaw on November 8, 2016. These minutes were posted in three public locations in the Village of Kenesaw and the shortened version was published in the Hastings Tribune.