The Village of Kenesaw Board of Trustees held a special email vote on June 22, 2020 as was permitted via Resolution 175-2020, voted and passed at the Regular Board of Trustees Zoom Meeting on June 9, 2020, for the purpose of addressing the NEW COVID-19 DHM Phase 3# changes which was released from Gov. Rickets and DHHS to be effective on June 22, 2020. Board Members present: Ronda Ehly, Sarah Kroos, Teresa Uden, Rene Colon, and Lawney Knuth. Members absent: None

1. Motion made by Trustee Kroos Regarding DHM Phase 3 as it pertains to the
Kenesaw Pool:

a. Motion 1) To Move Pool Capacity to 75% (142 patrons) to stay consistent with the new DHM Phase 3# effective June 22, 2020. Roll call: Trustee Knuth-yea, Trustee Ehly-yea, Trustee Kroos-yea, Trustee Uden-yea, Trustee Colon-yea. No opposed. Motion carried

b. Motion 2) Change the pool pass requirements to include surrounding communities that do not have pools. (Juniata, Roseland, Holstein, Campbell, Bladen). They will need to provide proof of address.

Roll call: Trustee Knuth-Nay, Trustee Ehly-Nay, Trustee Kroos-yea, Trustee Uden-yea, Trustee Colon-Nay. Three Nay. Two Yea: Motion Denied