Village of Kenesaw Public Hearing

o 2019-2020 Budget Hearing – 8pm
o Hearing to set Final Tax Request – 8 pm
o Request to Rezone Property Hearing– 7:45 pm
o N Smith Street Side Walk Assessment Hearing- 7:35 pm 

September 10, 2019 

Public notice is hereby given, Multiple Public hearings will be held in the Kenesaw Community Room at 109 N. Smith Avenue (west entrance) on September 18, 2018 commencing at 7:35 pm- for the purpose of hearing support, opposition, criticism, suggestions or observations of taxpayers relating to the above name items, and to set the final tax levy at a different amount than the prior year tax request. 

**The budget detail is available at the office of the Clerk during regular business hours. 

Village Clerk
Posted at: Kenesaw USPS, Fill-n-Chill #8 Kenesaw, Village of Kenesaw Office, Kenesaw Market. 

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