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Kenesaw has a recycling center located at the corner of East Pine and South Fourth Street, for the residents of Kenesaw. This is south of the railroad tracks 2 blocks in the south east corner of Kenesaw.


  • Newspapers – including advertising supplements. PLEASE put all papers and advertisements in a paper sack before putting them in the container.
    Phonebooks & Magazines
  • Cardboard – Cardboard MUST BE flattened to no bigger than 2’ X 2’ sections.
  • #1 Plastic Containers – Anything with a #1 on the bottom of the container. Example: 2-liter pop bottles, 20oz pop bottles, etc.
  • #2 Plastic Containers – Items with a #2 on the bottom of the container. Example: milk jugs, detergent bottles, etc. Items NOT accepted are: motor oil containers, anti-freeze containers or anything containing petroleum based product.
  • Tin cans – Please rinse and place lids inside the can.
  • Aluminum cans – Crushed or not crushed.
  • Old Appliances – Stoves, refrigerators, old grills (Please REMOVE any wood pieces)

Please place items into the appropriate containers. Please call the Village Office if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you!!