Kenesaw Provides Water, Sewer and Garbage Services

To start or stop any of the Kensaw utility services, please download the appropriate form and turn into the Village Office.

Application for new water, sewer, and garbage services.

Request to disconnect your water, sewer, and garbage services.

Your Utility Bill Explained

Click on the image below to see what each section of your utility bill means.

Cardboard recycling that the Village provides is for RESIDENTIAL use ONLY.  ALL businesses are expected to procure their own cardboard recycling container should they need one.  Businesses can contact Woodward Disposal Service, Inc. at 402-462-9252 if they are in need of recycling services.

Kenesaw Utility Rates

  • Water is Base rate – $17.50 plus per 1000 gal at $1.45 (Commercial properties add utility tax)
  • Sewer is $20.00 plus per 1000 gal at $1.30 + utility tax
  • Garbage is $16.50 for 1 toter