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A few of our Ordinances seem to be asked about frequently. If you have any questions on these issues or others just give us a call at 402-752-3727.

Burning: Burning is allowed in a covered container for non-toxic materials from sunup to sundown on Wednesdays & Saturdays ONLY!

Building Permits: Building permits are required for most improvements to your property. This includes and is not limited to fences, dog kennels, storage sheds, culverts, driveways, propane tanks for heating, etc. Applications can be obtained from the Village Office or Adams County Planning and Zoning Office.

Dog Licenses: Dog licenses are required on a yearly basis. The licenses are issued beginning February 1st and expire January 31st of the following year. We require a copy of the Vet Clinic Certificate of Rabies Vaccination showing the dog is current on his/her rabies vaccination. Please note that we also require that you keep your dog on a leash, in a kennel or in a fenced yard at all times. They are not allowed to “roam”. The Village of Kenesaw does not have a dog-catcher nor a facility to hold loose dogs. Any calls reporting a loose dog will be handed off to the Adams County Sheriff’s Office and an officer will take the dog to a shelter in Hastings if the dog is unlicensed and owner can’t be immediately identified. The shelter will attempt to contact the owner if possible and the dog will be released upon payment of the fee required by the Sheriff’s department.

Abandoned Vehicles: are not allowed on private property for more than one month. The maximum time limit for parking a vehicle on a public street is 24 consecutive hours, unless otherwise posted.

Mowing & Snow Scooping: Residential yards are to be mowed. Sidewalks are to be scooped within 24 hours after the cessation of a snow storm. Businesses are to have sidewalks scooped within 5 hours of the cessation of the snow storm. If the snow falls during the night, they are to be scooped by about 9 a.m. the following day.